How to start freelancing and work online from home
Written by Roota Mittal on June 23rd, 2020
Freelancing as a career has given me all kinds of freedom that I ever wanted for my career; time-based freedom, money-based and most importantly, location-based freedom.
Working as a marketing freelancer for the last 3.5 years has given me the opportunity to travel the world like I dreamt of, and also be able to earn a good living for myself.  
From being clueless about starting out earning $0/month to getting my first client at $280/month to now being a multi 6-figure entrepreneur, I sure have come a long way, all thanks to the wonderful world of digital marketing.
Here are the two most important steps for you too to create a legitimate career as a marketing freelancer and work with high-ticket clients from around the globe.

Get Skills - Focus on learning lucrative, highly valued skills that are in high demand in the industry and are sustainable for your career in the long run. Acquire those skills that clients are willing to pay high prices for. For example, Facebook Advertising, Sales Funnels, Content Writing, etc. Also remember to never stop learning and constantly strive to get better at what you do.

Get Clients - You honestly don’t need to bid your way to getting good clients. I never did that and I managed to bag some amazing clients who were ready to pay my price. The key is to look for premium clients at strategic places. People like to do business with other people who they like and trust. So, focus on building a trustworthy relationship with a prospect, interact, understand their requirements and be genuinely interested in helping their business. Always look forward to being helpful to your prospects and your clients. That is the way to build great work relationships.

The 2nd step is to watch my free online workshop -  
Every business needs marketing to survive and thrive.
Hence, you can be rest assured that this industry is not going to die any time soon. On the contrary, marketing is so dynamic that there are new concepts and technologies every single day that actually help businesses generate more leads and sales.
If you have ever wanted to quit your job and start freelancing, then now is the time.
Watch my step-by-step video to know how you can create a legitimate career and become a marketing freelancer :
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